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Cashback, Papua New Guinea, June 2023

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Online casino cashback

Online casino cashback is a promotion that gives back some of your losses from a certain game or collection of games over time. Casinos implement cashback bonuses as a mechanism to reward loyal customers while also encouraging them to play more.

If you've found your way to this page, it means you're on the lookout for the best cashback offers. Check out the list below and see which one fits your gaming style!


What exactly is cashback?

It's common for online casinos to offer cashback programs, while in land-based casinos these programs may be offered in the form of game clubs, VIP programs or comps. When it comes to online cashback bonuses, they differ from a welcome bonus in that they are only given to the most loyal customers. The incentive could be given out in cash or in the form of bonus money on a weekly or even daily basis.

The percentage of a player's casino losses that he or she receives in cashback varies from casino to casino and often depends on the player's status. If you spend a lot of money at the casino each month, you're will most likely get more money back than the average player. From 5 percent up to 20 percent, cashback is being offered by most casino brands.

When claiming a bonus, read the terms and conditions thoroughly. Cashback offers are no exception. If you want to take advantage of a cashback bonus, you'll need to know exactly what games qualify to the promotion. Blackjack is typically not one of them. Find out if your offer has a limit. Every casino has its unique set of rules, therefore it's important to read all the terms including fine print. Some casinos only allow you to withdraw up to $100 in cashback per month, but others allow you to get back much more. A rebate program is another way for casinos to reward their most loyal customers, but they must maintain a certain amount of cash in their accounts at all times. If you don't read the terms attentively, you won't know this information.

How is cashback calculated?

Cashback is generally calculated as a percentage of NET losses over a predetermined period of time. If you won't experience a net loss during this period, you will not be eligible for the bonus. 
For example, you have deposited $200 at a casino which offers 20% cashback in slots on weekends for all their players. On Friday you have spent $50 and on Saturday you have raised your balance to $400, but then lost everything (all in slots). In this situation your total NET losses will be $200, but as cashback is being calculated on weekends, only the initial Saturday’s balance of $150 will be contributed, so you will be eligible for a cashback of 150*0.2=$30.

Situations may be much more complicated in real live, especially when you play different types of games. That is why you should carefully explore the Terms&Conditions of casinos where you decide to play!

How to get online casino cashback?

The casino determines the rules of cashback campaigns. When it comes to qualifying for a promotion, the amount of money you need to bet varies from one to another. A considerable amount of money must be spent in order to qualify for a cashback bonus. Although some casinos' cashback programs are automatically activated, at others you'll have to claim it at the cashier or contact customer service.

Is cashback worth it?

The majority of players are interested in match bonuses, free spins, and other similar offers. However, sometimes exactly casino cashback offers the maximum profit.

Because there are fewer promotions in this style, online casino cashback bonuses receive less attention. Most cashback promotions target members of loyalty clubs. There are, however, some regular offers as well.

It makes sense for a regular player to take advantage of these promotions. You could recoup a significant portion of your gambling budget.

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